According to IMO estimates, ships carry 3 To 5 billion tons of ballast water globally each year. The IMO developed and adopted “The International Convention for The Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004” (Ballast Water Management Convention) with the aim of protecting the marine environment from the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms in ballast water carried by ships. The BWM Convention is entered into force as of 8 September 2017.


The prefabrication – installation procedure, of the chosen WBTS system, is the final and the most demanding task, taking into consideration the following:

  • Quality of the products (pipes, flanges, valves etc) with all relevant certificates
  • Quality of the welding procedure (WPQR – WPS – Welder’s Certificates)
  • Timesaving during prefabrication – installation
  • Testing of new installed spools before operating the system

High quality services when it comes to Installation of the system:

  • Step-1 : In depth analysis of the provided drawings, summarizing all the requested materials (pipes, flanges, valves, sockets etc.) with all relevant certificates, by our qualified Engineers
  • Step-2 : Prefabrication of the spools is taking place in our ulta-modern workshop, by our certified expert team and based on certified procedures WPQR-WPS.
  • Step-3 : Quality control of ready spools prior departure
  • Step-4 : Packing/Handling and Transportation based on customers’ requirements
  • Step-5 : Our qualified engineers attend the vessel to observe the collection of the spools
  • Step 6 : Installation onboard DURING VOYAGE of at Drydock (always based on provided drawings)
  • Step-7 : Onboard tests of the new installed spools, new line inspection and delivery of proper function to the customer